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Daulat llc is enwrapped in buying & selling petroleum products such as crude oil, JP54 Aviation Jet Fuel, jet A-1 fuel, D6 diesel, D2 Diesel, Mazut, LNG and LPG . We are suppliers and resellers of petroleum products from refineries in the United States coast and Russia. Daulat LLC are the fastest growing consultantguru’s. We definitelyare an excellent means of branding, promoting, advertising and marketing of new businesses, investments, various products, real estateand talents etc. through our vast experiences, knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Daulat LLC was established with the purpose of becoming the energy arm for the buyer purchasing Petroleum Products for investment and development. Daulat LLC strategy is mainly focusing on the petroleum, mineral and oil and gas industry with prime focus on the upstream and downstream business. Daulat LLC is seeking to be the best provider of petroleum products and to service prospect buyers with large upside potential and endeavors to actively pursue better solution to provide petroleum products jointly with other partners. The company also intends to process an asset portfolio to provide the best and solid service to our clients and partners.

Daulat LLC is targeting to become one of the leading services providers in the energy/petroleum field, through possessing a highly diversified array of products and services portfolio. Daulat offers Petroleum energy related products, mineral based products and solutions to buyers. We provide a diverse set of products and services in select global markets that add value to our customers operations with an emphasis on quality, integrity and safe operation. Daulat buy and sell petroleum energy related products.
Daulat helps-shape and helps mold the businesses to it highest potential and much more globally. In addition to our petroleum products offerings, DAULAT provides a mineral division specializing in high value minerals and precious metals such as gold bullion & dore and diamonds. We service in United States , Canada, South America, Europe, middle-east, Asia, south east Asia, Australia and Africa.


Petroleum: Daulat LLC is in the Petroleum commodity markets representing title holders, direct sellers, resellers, we buy & resell petroleum products such as crude oil, JP54 Aviation Jet Fuel, jet A-1 fuel, D6 diesel, D2 Diesel, Mazut, LNG and LPG - we are suppliers and reseller's of petroleum products from refineries on the United state coast and Russia.
Fuel products we buy and resell:
1) Aviation kerosene colonial jet fuel JP54
2) A1 jet fuel
3) crude oil (BLCO)
4) Mazut (m100/99)
5) D2, D6
8) Mazut 100/75

Delivery port: FOB Rotterdam, Novorossiysk, Primorsk or Vladivostok Port. United States gulf coast (USGC).

Deliver on: CIF to ASWP or on FOB basic.

Price: The Price is either fixed or Platt NWE, minus discount depending on Quantity ordered and Port of delivery.


Payment Term Acceptable: Irrevocable/Revocable /Non Transferable Documentary Letter Of Credit, MT103/TT, Stand by Letter Of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guaranty (BG).

We look forward to establishing a long term and mutually beneficial working relationship between our companies.
  • Oil field & Gas Investments
  • Bio-fuel
  • Minerals
Across the world, new oil & natural gas resources are being discovered and existing fields are being re-evaluated, leading to an increase in onshore and offshore production investments. A substantial amount of oil & gas production activity is occurring throughout the world as new offshore oil and gas fields are developed, existing fields are rejuvenated using new technologies, and the global LNG market continues to develop. As increasing amounts of oil and natural gas are produced from North American, United States, South America and Middle-East, crude oil and natural gas processing plants are springing up, as well as pipeline infrastructure and several high-dollar LNG liquefaction and export facilities.
Industrial Info's Oil & Gas Production project coverage includes capital and maintenance investments valued at $1 million or more with a lead time of 4 to 6 months minimum on requests for quotes and bid documents. In addition to oil and gas extraction, investments include construction and maintenance of:
  • Gas fractionation and processing facilities
  • Gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants
  • LNG export facilities
  • Oil sands recovery (excluding mining)
  • NGL extraction and fractionation plants
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
Onshore and Offshore Gathering Systems Companies engaged in collection of crude or natural gas from the wellhead and transported to Processing Plants via pipelines. Gathering fields may involve some form of processing prior to distribution. Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing Companies involved in processing crude petroleum or natural gas delivered from the field. LNG Liquefaction and Export Facilities Operators of plants designed to liquefy and export liquefied natural gas. Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Facilities Operators of facilities that transform natural gas into liquid fuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.
Plant Report Sample:
Our Oil & Gas Production Industry Database includes detailed plant profiles for 3,600 operational and pre-commissioned facilities.
  • Project owner & parent company
  • Physical & mailing addresses
  • Telephone & fax numbers
  • SIC descriptions
  • Startup date
  • Employee count
  • Union status
  • Key management contact details
  • Project contact email address


DAULAT provides a mineral division specializing in high value minerals and precious metals such as gold bullion & dore and diamonds. We service in North, Central, South America, Europe, middle-east, Asia, and Africa.


Our prime gold investment opportunities to our high value services and growing recognition as true leaders in the industry, our list of available mines/seller increases everyday. Be sure to contact us if you have a certain need as we may have it in our inventory.
We only work with serious buyers because we are serious about our services.
We provide gold mine site sellers and gold mine site buyers with world class, verifiable and factual information services, and most of all, professional representation throughout the whole mine selection and title / concession purchasing process.
Daulat's experienced Management and operational team have a proven history of successful project operation on a 24/7 basis globally.


rough - uncut natural diamonds & polished. The word "diamond" is derived from the ancient Greek word adamas, which means "unconquerable". Strength and durability have made diamonds an enduring symbol of matrimony and everlasting commitment.
The direct result of the shift and erosion of material from the higher grounds are giving the Company the rare potential to provide low-cost, near-term, sustained rough diamond production from a known source at a time when rough diamond shortages are increasing.
The Company’s strategy is the continued identification, acquisition, and operation of quality production based diamond supply/projects which demonstrate the potential to further increase its yearly production levels and support the long-term objectives of its shareholders, strategic alliance partner and buyers.

Brand & Marketing Consulting

With thousands of competitors in the promotional products marketplace, what makes us so special? Over the past 12 years, we've built a unique business model that can service all of your organization's needs, whether you're a small, growing business or a member of the Fortune 500.
We conduct and manage national and international portfolios and clientele. We pioneered the company model of commissioned account management.
Most importantly, your account will be managed by a team of highly trained professionals. We pride in by taking great care of our clients and employees.

Daulat provides their services to clients in need of promoting, branding, advertising and marketing their company or products globally.


  • Our team can help your brand find its ideal voice, nationally and internationally. Through strategic planning, we can ensure the right audience will hear it

    • Wireframing
    • Content Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Information Architecture


  • We can help you market products, new ideas and entities nationally and internationally.

    • Market Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Marketing Mix
    • Media Planning
    • Communication Strategy


  • We wield the power of the printed word for your brand. Getting your message in front of millions; in magazines, newspapers and more.

    • Newspaper
    • Magazine
    • Specialty Publications


  • We also provide promotional marketing with expertise in branding, re-branding, sourcing, and production of branded merchandise.

    Our Dallas-based office features a great team of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented people in the promotional products industry.